Six Ways To Use A Place Card Holder

Six Ways To Use A Place Card Holder

Place Card Holder

Have you heard about one of our newest tabletop accessories? Our new Place Card Holders are a stylish solution for elevating your items off the table. Available in chrome, brass, and silver, these are the perfect final touch for any event. This is one of our favorite tools for entertaining because there are so many ways you can use it! Check out the different ways you can use the Place Card Holders below. 


Place Card Holder

Place Cards & Table Accents 

The original intended use for the Place Card Holder is to hold place cards or table accents that mark seats at tables or label items on a buffet. As shown, these perfectly hold our place cards, but are also great for holding our table accents! 


Brass Place Card Holder

Recipe Cards 

Stop dirtying up your heirloomed (or new) recipe cards while cooking, the Place Card Holder is a great solution to keeping your cards clean. The Place Card Holder is your hands-free tool for recipe guidance in the kitchen! 

Place Card Holders
Photos & Greeting Cards
The Place Card Holder is a great addition to any office space, room, or display table! Use the holders to display your loose photographs or greeting cards so you can always remember the moments you cherish. 

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