From Our Table To Yours – Happy Thanksgiving

From Our Table To Yours – Happy Thanksgiving

The Table 

This month of giving thanks has a special place in my heart. Sometimes I feel like it rivals any other holiday. I find myself standing in a deeply grateful place for so many reasons…Faith, health, a loving family, inspiring friends, a dedicated and amazing Hester & Cook team, loyal customers, and it goes on. The list is long. 

I am deeply passionate about bringing people around a table.

Crafting a meal we love, setting a beautiful table, savoring the moment and just being together in both good and hard times. A table has so many meanings in life. We view it through a faith perspective, a literal perspective, and a symbolic perspective. All of these have a common thread – nourishment of the heart, body and soul. Maybe your table is just for one. Maybe it is for a large, sometimes overwhelming family. And sometimes, it has empty places that make your heart ache. Regardless, it is a gathering place where we can rest while breaking bread.

For me, I like to envision a large and long table. At this table are all my guests of choice. The guest list transcends time and place. It’s all the people that I have loved, admired, and have played a meaningful part in my life. Sometimes these people were part of my life for a long time…some just for a moment or two. My grandparents would meet my children who they never knew, my new friends would meet my mom. How sweet it would be. Healing. 

This year, we will celebrate with the painful absence of several members of our family…a mother, a sister and a grandpa. We compensate by carrying on. We make the recipes, since they cannot. We carry on with the traditions, take comfort in their memories and hope that it heals us.

May you find comfort and joy with those you love around a warm Thanksgiving table. We hope the heartaches you may have endured this year are mended in the presence of your loved ones. We hope new memories will touch your hearts.

From a very grateful place, we wish you a peaceful and special Thanksgiving. 

- Angie & Robbie Cook

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Vera Stewart

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