Welcoming 2023 To Your Table

Welcoming 2023 To Your Table

2023 "Trends" For The Table

Here at Hester & Cook, we definitely keep a pulse on trends. As we know, it all starts in fashion and trickles down to home. With the integration of social media platforms into our lives, it all moves much faster than it did even five years ago. Trends manifest across all facets at an almost instantaneous rate. We might have wallpaper or pillows in our home that depict a floral on the runways only months earlier. We want things faster, which has also created the need for fast fashion that often does not translate into looks that will transcend time.

All my life, I have loved keeping up with fashion trends: how they impacted our lives and found their way into our homes. Many trends would come and go, some would stay for a long while, and some would evolve into classics. I love fashion and acknowledge trends, but I almost always go for well-made pieces and update them with accessories. Occasionally I give in and try a "trend," but I am never as happy as when I invest in a well-designed wardrobe staple or well-made furniture piece. I often resist "fast fashion" and go for investment pieces. It's more about how I want to feel and live rather than where trends are headed. We look at Hester & Cook much the same way, focusing on how our customer wants to set a table, not on the trends.

We always begin our design process with beautifully created, hand-painted illustrations and interpret that art into great items for the table. We have chosen one of the best American-made papers as a canvas for all our beautiful designs and often play with color to update a look. We want to create a product that will enable our customers to create a story on their table in a new way. Our roots are firmly planted in tradition, but we love to reimagine how that can be translated. Our paper for the table is not permanent, but the designs we create are concepted to transcend and elevate your dining occasions. Enhancing memorable moments is what we do. We want all your celebrations to begin with Hester & Cook.

So, if you ask me to talk about trends, I must reframe that and say it is more about how people want to live in 2023 rather than catering to a trend. I believe we want to expand our living spaces and bring the outside in, the lush green of spring and the peace of nature. That is what I see manifesting as we move into the spring of next year and beyond. Nature is something we want to embrace more of, not less. We have always embraced florals, birds, and animals. Overall, we love nature at Hester & Cook, and our spring introduction is no exception. You will find hares and exquisite eggs for Easter. The addition of a new floral that will take you through the entire year is guaranteed to delight you, and there is much, much more. It is a "green spring" at Hester & Cook, and we hope you will join us at our table.

- Angie Cook
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