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Gingerbread House Bundle

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Traditional and fun, the Gingerbread House Bundle is designed for people who take their tablescapes seriously, but who also want to have a good time. A Candy Stripe Runner sets the tone, while the Gingerbread House Placemat and Gingerbread Man Table Accents make a colorful and happy tablescape that is sure to stir up holiday cheer for anyone lucky enough to be your guest.

Unit quantity:
1 - Pack of 12 Die Cut Gingerbread House Placemats (Painted by: Elizabeth Foster)
1 - Pack of 12 Gingerbread Man Table Accents (Painted by: Elizabeth Foster)
1 - 20" x 25' Candy Stripe Runner

  • Candy Stripe Runner


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  • Die Cut Gingerbread House Placemats


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  • Gingerbread Man Table Accent


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