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Poinsettia Bundle

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Few Christmas looks are as timeless and elegant as holly and poinsettias, and if you’re looking for a traditional, formal tablescape, we’ve put the Poinsettia bundle together just for you.

Our Gold Classic Stripe runner will look fantastic as a grounding base for your tablescape, whether your centerpiece is simple or elaborate. Highlight your china with the Poinsettia Wreath placemat, layered with the Poinsettia Table Accent. Finish the look with Poinsettia Place Cards that evoke a classic Christmas and make each guest feel special.

Unit quantity:
1 - Pack of 12 Die-Cut Poinsettia Wreath Placemats
1 - 20" x 25' Gold Classic Stripe Runner
1 - Pack of 12 Poinsettia Table Accents
1 - Pack of 12 Poinsettia Place Cards

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  • Poinsettia Bundle


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