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Ceramic Sea Creatures and Succulents

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We call this collection of beautiful ceramic succulents and flowers and sea-like creatures “Flowers” but we should have just called them “Stunning”. Each piece is handmade and that is reflected in their exquisite detail, each one is a little work of art that is completely unique. They are beautifully crafted and blend beautifully into any home, from modern minimalist and boho chic to country traditional and classic Cape Cod. Includes a keyhole on the back for hanging, or cluster them together with your favorite table settings.  

Blue Grey Sea Polyp: 6.5" in diameter, 3" tall.
Sea Lettuce Large Pearl Sea Lettuce: 6" in diameter, 2.75" tall.
Teal Mondo: 5.75" in diameter, 2.5" tall.
Orange Dahlia: 4.25" in diameter, 2.25" tall.