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Sisal Topiary Trees

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Color – Blue 18"

Celebrate spring with a Sisal Egg Topiary Tree! These unique egg-shaped sisal treetops will be sure to "egg-cite" all your guests. Make your Easter celebration a "hatchling" above the rest! Spice up your holiday by sprucing up your space with our chosen selection of festive and fun topiary trees.

Available in 3 sizes/colors.  
A Glitterville Sisal Topiary Tree, adorned in blue and green, stands on a white background, symbolizing an Easter celebration in the joyful season of spring.
Three Glitterville Sisal Topiary Trees, reminiscent of spring and Easter celebration, on a white background.
An exquisite Glitterville Sisal Topiary Tree, adorned in vibrant pink and purple hues, gracefully stands against a pristine white background.
A three-dimensional model of a Glitterville Sisal Topiary Tree.
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