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Woodland Animal Ceramics

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Quail Ceramics is a British brand with a long standing tradition of creating distinctive quirky pieces for both the table and display. Although designed with practicality in mind, Quail is well known for its traditional British design combined with a fun and charming twist.
Each piece is designed in England. The piece then goes through a long design and sample process to get the detail just right with our skilled craftspeople, each item is then fired and hand painted.  Each piece is unique and special!

Dishwasher safe

Small Wood Mouse Jug- 2.95"
Wood Mouse Bud Vase- 3.14"
Medium Tawny Owl Jug- 3.34"
Large Tawny Owl Jug- 4.52"
Owl Wall Vase- 4.72"
Large Goat Jug- 5"
Goat Pencil Pot- 4.13"
Goat Wall Vase- 8.26"
Large Black Bear Jug- 5.51"
Large Fox Jug- 5.51"

A Woodland Animal Jugs mug, featuring a traditional British design, from Quail Ceramics.
A group of Woodland Animal Jugs by Quail, a popular British brand, displayed on top of a table.
A Quail Woodland Animal Jug with a ceramic fox head on a white background, showcasing traditional British design.
A traditional British design mug featuring a black bear from the renowned British brand, Quail Ceramics, displayed on a pure white background has been replaced with:

Woodland Animal Jugs from the renowned British brand, Quail, are traditional British design mugs featuring a black bear displayed on a pure white background.
A small figurine of a Woodland Animal Jug sitting on a white background designed by Quail, a British brand known for their traditional British designs.
A Woodland Animal Jugs by Quail on a white background.
Woodland Animal Ceramics
Woodland Animal Ceramics
Woodland Animal Ceramics
Woodland Animal Ceramics
Woodland Animal Ceramics