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Peony Napkins

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Flowers so fresh you could almost smell them.  Our Peony Napkins will brighten up any party. 

4.9" x 4.9" folded, 9.8" x 9.8" flat, 
20 napkins per package

13” x 16.5” flat, 4.33” x 8.27” folded
16 napkins per package

Made in Germany

Peony Napkins by Hester & Cook on a beige background featuring pink peonies.
A Hester & Cook watercolor painting of pink peonies on a white background, perfect for a fresh flowers-themed party.
A pink Peony Napkin from Hester & Cook on a green and white striped table, perfect for a party with fresh flowers.
A party table setting with fresh Peony Napkins by Hester & Cook and silverware.
Hester & Cook Pink Peony Napkin Holder Set, perfect for parties.
A glass of wine and a cupcake on a table, adorned with fresh flowers and complimented by Hester & Cook Peony Napkins for a party ambiance.
A table setting with fresh flowers, Pink Peony Napkins, on a gold striped tablecloth by Hester & Cook.
Fresh pink Peony Napkins by Hester & Cook perfect for a party.
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