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Vein Marbled Gift Tags

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Color – Red & Gold

Our marbled tags are a truly unique finishing touch to any setting—cut from handmade papers, no two tags are exactly alike. These colorful patterns add an elegance to your tables year-round, and can be used as wine charms, place cards, napkin rings, and more. We can’t wait to see all the ways you celebrate with these one-of-a-kind tags!

3.75" x 2.125"
Pack of 12 gift tags

A unique Vein Marbled gift tag made of handmade paper by Hester & Cook.
A handmade Vein Marbled Gift Tag made from unique papers by Hester & Cook.
A unique image of a Hester & Cook Vein Marbled Gift Tags.
A unique, Vein Marbled Gift Tags cutting board by Hester & Cook.
A unique Vein Marbled Gift Tag made from handmade papers by Hester & Cook.