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Birthday Cake & Cupcake Napkins

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Nothing says party time like a festive birthday napkin! Classic swirling candles and sweet sprinkles adorn these beautiful sweet treats. Pair with any of our Seafoam or Sorbet Painted Stripe items for napkins that will surely be a hit at any celebration!

4.9" x 4.9" folded, 9.8" x 9.8" flat, 
20 napkins per package

13” x 16.5” flat, 4.33” x 8.27” folded
16 napkins per package

Made in Germany

A square, cream-colored cocktail napkin featuring an illustrated cupcake with colorful sprinkles and a single lit candle.
A rectangle, cream-colored guest napkin featuring a tall birthday cake on a brass cake stand, with colorful sprinkles and five lit candles.
A Cupcake Cocktail Napkin on a striped table runner with confetti.
A Birthday Cake Guest Napkin next to a Cupcake Cocktail Napkin on a stripped table runner with confetti and birthday candles.