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Fern Napkins

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The delicate, lush ferns unfurling on this napkin make this it almost too pretty to use! On its own or paired with a placemat from the Fern Story, these fronds will look fresh year-round.

4.9" x 4.9" folded, 9.8" x 9.8" flat, 
20 napkins per package

13” x 16.5” flat, 4.33” x 8.27” folded
16 napkins per package

Made in Germany

A square, white cocktail napkin featuring an illustrated scatter of different types of fern fronds in various vibrant shades of green with orange accents.
A rectangle, white guest napkin featuring an illustrated, vibrant green, curled fern frond.
An elegant place setting with a Fern Guest Napkin on the plate, and a Fern Cocktail Napkin under the glass.
A Fern Guest Napkin on a place in an elegant place setting, from above.
A Fern Cocktail napkin under a water glass, as part of an elegant place setting.