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Garden Derby Table Accent

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The Garden Derby Table Accent is a beautiful piece that brings a bouquet right to your setting! This lovely floral swag is great for layering with its abundance of springy hues and rich greenery.

Add another stylish layer to your table with table accents! These versatile pieces make wonderful place cards, look great under flatware, or used as decor for scatter and buntings.

Set of 12
Approx. 5.4" x 9"
Designed and printed in the USA on FSC certified, recycled content.

An elegant watercolor illustration of three pink and yellow peonies, serving as a Garden Derby Table Accent by Hester & Cook on a white background.
A set of plates with floral swag on them, perfect for adding a Hester & Cook Garden Derby Table Accent to any table.
A set of Garden Derby table accents by Hester & Cook, perfect for a Garden Derby.
A pink placemat adorned with a floral swag and utensils, serving as a charming Hester & Cook Garden Derby Table Accent.
A Hester & Cook Garden Derby Table Accent with flowers on it.
Four Garden Derby Table Accent placemats from Hester & Cook.
A table setting with a Hester & Cook Garden Derby Table Accent and flowers on it.
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