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Lilac Regal Peacock Napkins

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In collaboration with Burleigh, this stunning bird pattern is the perfect accompaniment to your table. These napkins pair with Regal Peacock Placemats or use them on their own. Available in three colors.

Beside the plate, on the bar, or throughout the home, Hester & Cook napkins are an elegant addition to any occasion and coordinate with many of your favorite designs.  

4.9" x 4.9" folded, 9.8" x 9.8" flat, 
20 napkins per package

13” x 16.5” flat, 4.33” x 8.27” folded
16 napkins per package

Designed by Hester & Cook and produced in Germany using FSC certified materials.

A Lilac Regal Peacock napkin by Hester & Cook, with a purple and white floral pattern on a white background, perfect for napkins.
A Lilac Regal Peacock pattern on a white background by Hester & Cook.
A cup of coffee sits on a table next to a Lilac Regal Peacock Napkin by Hester & Cook.
A Lilac Regal Peacock Napkins by Hester & Cook resting on the colorful napkin.
A cup of coffee and silverware on Lilac Regal Peacock Napkins by Hester & Cook.
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