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Sparkle Bark

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Our Sparkle Bark is a chocolate treat! Made with all-natural ingredients, Sparkle Bark combines layers of deliciousness, starting with a base of dark Belgian chocolate and a layer of shiny pink Belgian white chocolate. It is embedded with popping candy and delightful bits of peppermint!

  • Available in 4oz or 8oz
  • Gluten Free
A can of Hester & Cook Sparkle Bark, an all-natural chocolate treat.
Peppermint Sparkle Bark featuring all-natural ingredients by Hester & Cook.
Hester & Cook Sparkle Bark - an all-natural white chocolate treat.
Hester & Cook Sparkle Bark is a delightful chocolate treat made with all-natural ingredients, featuring peppermint chocolate squares adorned with white and pink icing.