Bonjour from Hester & Cook!

Bonjour from Hester & Cook!

Bonjour! Hester & Cook recently took a trip to Paris for the Maison & Objet gift show, and we couldn't resist sharing our amazing experience with you. From incredible food to unique shopping experiences, Paris never fails to impress. 

The Maison & Objet is a premiere gift show in Paris, France. It was a fantastic opportunity for us to discover vendors we don't normally have access to in the US, and it was super exciting to see where trends are headed in tabletop, linens, glassware and more.

One of the prominent trends that we noticed was in texture and organic products. We saw so many new, exciting organic materials, like felt, being used in new ways and new categories. The organic shapes also really amped up the design factor. Another significant trend that we noticed was multi-color. This was especially apparent in drinkware, candlesticks, vases, and other tabletop and home decor. We also noticed that blue is still very much on trend. Blue hues of all kinds were prevalent in tabletop and linens. Lastly, we continue to see a lot of textures using woven materials along with natural botanicals. 


Pictured above: displays from Maison & Objet

We're excited to bring some of these trends to H&C in our upcoming designs. You can expect to see some multi-color, blues, and organic references in our new spring designs. We're always looking for ways to differentiate ourselves and find items that are special, and we found a lot of inspiration at the Maison & Objet show.

Apart from the show, we had a chance to explore the beautiful city of Paris. We loved trying out new restaurants and cafes, and we had so many fantastic experiences we can’t wait to share with you! If you’re going to Paris soon, these were our favorite shops and restaurants- all of which are very Hester & Cook approved!


Our Itinerary: 

Sunday, September 3: Arrival in Paris
Monday, September 4: Paris Flea Market
Tuesday: September 5: Experienced the Left Bank of Paris, visited Astier De Villatte dinnerware for inspiration and Le Bon Marché for candy inspiration! 
Wednesday, September 6: Cedric Grolet dessert tasting & Antoinette Poissan
Thursday, September 6: Maison de Object
Friday, September 7: Maison de Object
Saturday, September 8: Montmartre- last day in Paris
Sunday, September 9: Home! 


Our Favorite Restaurants:

Pictured above: La Pâtisserie du Meurice par Cédric Grolet and Co-owner Angie Cook with Chief Strategy Officer, Lisa Dean 
very “local”; small, quaint Parisian-style restaurant with great food, not fussy. 
📍45, avenue Ledru-Rollin

A very elegant and sophisticated restaurant. Amazing service, great atmosphere
📍Palais Garnier, 1 Pl. Jacques Rouché 

Fantastic desert tasting experience! We even ran into some Hester & Cook wholesale customers, Kelly O’Donnell and Tracey Shingledecker from Back Row Home
📍6 Rue de Castiglione

Our favorite croissant! 
📍64 Rue Rebeval 

Our friends Kelly O’Donnell and Tracey Shingledecker from Back Row Home


Our Favorite Shops:

Known for his historic restoration work and has collaborated with brands like Ralph Lauren, John Derrian, and Gucci. 
📍 12 Rue St Sabin

Knowledgeable and friendly staff. It was an amazing shopping experience with pop-up vendors!  
📍24 Rue de Sèvres

We were inspired by the vintage silver and other treasures we saw! Some cool finds included vintage costume jewelry from French brands like Chanel, YSL, and Lanvin. We also found vintage Christolphe Silver by the piece! It looked brand new once it was cleaned! 
📍 99 All. des Rosiers
fun and cool shopping experience! 
📍229 Rue Saint-Honoré


Our Stay:

Lovely hotel in the 2nd Arr. Close to a lot of main attractions. Cozy rooms! 
📍17 Bd Poissonnière

Overall, our trip to Paris was amazing, and we can't wait to incorporate what we saw into our upcoming products. Stay tuned for our new designs, some of which are inspired by our trip! And if you ever find yourself in Paris, be sure to check out our recommendations and experience the city like a true local.



Header Image:  Astier de Villatte

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