Explore Unique Uses for Our Table Accents!

Explore Unique Uses for Our Table Accents!

Do you need a place setting, gift tag, or decoration for under your glassware? Look no further than table accents! These pieces are functional while also adding a touch of flair to your table design. Let us take you through some of our favorite uses (featuring our Lemon Table Accent) and maybe you'll come up with a few more of your own!


 Table Decoration

You can use table accents to sprinkle around your table and add dimension and visual interest. This can also work as a fill in for a center piece.


Frame Your Plate

Add a crown to your plate! This is great if you feel your table is missing a decorative flair and want each setting to be a touch more special. 


 Silverware Setting

Do you like being able to set your silverware down on something besides your runner? Table accents are the perfect size for this. 


 Classic Place Card

Write your guests name or a small message to welcome them to your gathering! This is also a useful space to write a small menu.


 Platter Decor

Before you set down your yummy cheese and meats, add our table accents for decor! (Or to protect your tray or platter.)

 Oversized Gift Tag

Easily punch a hole at the top of your table accent, grab a little ribbon, and you have a beautiful and unique gift tag!




Shop our table accents and comment below if you think of more creative ways these accents can be used! 

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