Our Favorite Thanksgiving Pies

Our Favorite Thanksgiving Pies

One of our favorite Thanksgiving traditions at Hester & Cook is our staff Thanksgiving, where all members of the staff gather together to express gratitude and enjoy a holiday meal. Our cofounder, Angie, always provides the turkey and homemade rolls, with other employees bringing sides, desserts, and drinks, potluck-style. 

Another favorite tradition of ours: pie breakfast! There’s often so much good food at our gatherings that dessert is relegated to the next morning, laid out in our breakroom to be enjoyed with coffee. Yum!

Feeling ins-pie-red? Click here for some of our staff favorite pie recipes. Simply print, cut on the dotted lines, and file with the rest of your fall recipes to bring more H&C to your gatherings, and check out some of our baking tips & tricks below.

Beautiful Borders

One of the easiest ways to wow with your fall baking is by getting creative with your pie crust! With designer Caroline’s Jackson Pie, she created a decorative border of leaves using extra pie crust. Simply roll out your dough and cut leaf shapes using cookie cutters or a sharp paring knife. Use a pastry brush to brush the back of each shape with water, then press gently to the main crust edge. Then fill and bake your pie as normal. No cookie cutters? Cut even strips of extra dough and carefully braid together before pressing in place around the edge of your pie for another elegant option.

Good Glazes

This next trick works great with any chocolate tart or pie--even one you picked up from the store (we won’t tell!). Thinning jam or preserves with a bit of water on the stove is a quick way to create a dessert sauce. Pour over your tart or pie, and be sure to keep the extra nearby for those who want more sauce. Experiment with different jams, or even add a shot of liqueur like Chambord for an extra delicious kick.

We can’t wait to see what recipes you make this fall! 

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