Three Ways To Gift Wrap With Hester & Cook

Three Ways To Gift Wrap With Hester & Cook

What’s the difference between a roll of wrapping paper and a Hester & Cook table runner?

The answer: nothing at all!

Our table runners and placemats can also be used as charming gift wrap for any occasion. Now that another season of gift-giving is upon us, we’ve got you covered when it comes to wrapping ideas. From Thanksgiving hostess gifts to the classic Christmas present, keep reading to find out just what you can do to add some custom flair to your gift. 

Not only are our runners and placemats stunning on the table, they are also excellent for wrapping presents. Our striped kraft runners make an elegant gift wrap that can be used for both fall and winter festivities, and provide a space to write directly on the wrapping if so desired.

Ever been baffled by wrapping a wine bottle? We’ve included a helpful tutorial on how to wrap one that you can download below!


Everyone loves a beautiful card, so why not have a beautiful envelope, as well? We’ve included a helpful tutorial on how to use a placemat to create a simple yet elegant origami envelope for notes and gift cards.

These tips will ensure that your gift looks as good on the outside as it does on the inside.

HINT: Add a place card, table accent, or gift tag for that personal touch!.

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Love the tutorial! Are there any in person demos in my area???
Absolutely love your products 😊💕

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