Porcelain Flatware Tray Uses

Porcelain Flatware Tray Uses

Have you heard about our newest offering? Our new Porcelain Flatware Tray features durable, high-end bone porcelain. This new item truly embodies everything that we believe Hester & Cook to be.


With our core values in mind, we want to solve the issue for customers who find it difficult or intimidating to host and entertain. Meaning, you don't need tons of fancy tools or dinnerware when you can use one item multiple ways! Check out the different ways you can use the Porcelain Flatware Tray below.

Porcelain Flatware Tray

The first and obvious intended use for the Porcelain Flatware Tray is its use as a flatware tray. A fork, knife and spoon fit comfortably here. Use it on your table for dining or in your kitchen as a spoon rest! Pair with our vintage silver-plate flatware to complete the look.

Take it to the next level by decorating with a napkin, faux moss, or lining it with a placemat.

Peony • Porcelain Flatware Tray

Who would have thought the Porcelain Flatware Tray would make the best dish for individual snack servings, appetizers, and even sushi! Include on a buffet, pass them around the party or set on the table for dining. 

Halloween • Porcelain Flatware Tray

Use the Porcelain Flatware Tray as a vessel for unique table decor! Fill with candy, acorns, moss or other decorative elements along with tea light candles for a totally transformed look.

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