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Die-cut Ebony Harvest Turkey Placemat

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The Die-cut Ebony Harvest Turkey is ready to celebrate Thanksgiving with its bold design and elegant coloring. Each part of this design is packed with detail for your guests to get lost in as they follow swirling patterns, and the moody hue makes it easy to pair with a variety of autumnal settings.
  • Pack of 12 sheets
  • Approx. 15.8" x 14.6"
  • Designed and printed in the USA.
A Thanksgiving-inspired Die-cut Ebony Harvest Turkey Placemat by Hester & Cook in an autumnal setting.
A Hester & Cook die-cut Ebony Harvest Turkey Placemat on a black and white tablecloth, perfect for Thanksgiving and autumnal settings.
A black and white table setting with flowers and autumnal Die-cut Ebony Harvest Turkey Placemats by Hester & Cook, perfect for a Thanksgiving gathering.
A Hester & Cook Die-cut Ebony Harvest Turkey Placemat, placed on a table adorned with an autumnal plant, perfect for Thanksgiving.
Create an autumnal Thanksgiving table with stylish black and white place settings. Enhance the festive atmosphere with the exquisite Hester & Cook Die-cut Ebony Harvest Turkey Placemat.
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