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Blue Lattice Wallpaper

Blue Lattice Wallpaper

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Bring the perfect pop of Chinoiserie charm into your world with our Blue Lattice Wallpaper! Rich in color and texture, it is the perfect blend of classic and modern. Its intricate geometric design brings a grounding natural element to your space while its hue in our signature China blue ensures a gentle feel anywhere you choose to feature it!


Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, the product is designed to work on smooth surfaces.  The material is mold and mildew resistant.  Minimum temperature application is 40°F.  The product is designed to work on smooth surfaces such as painted drywall, glass, smooth painted metal, or smooth finished wood.  This material is not recommended for unpainted drywall, brick, textured wallpaper or drywall, or any other textured surface.  We recommend that you test the product for its intended use to ensure suitability.  

Installation is easy!  Use the included squeegee during installation to ensure your wallpaper lays down smoothly. Peel and stick vinyl rolls come on a paper backing. Wallpaper can be easily cleaned by wiping with a soft, damp cloth. Click here to download installation instructions.

Each roll is 24" wide and has a repeating 24" vertical pattern that is a straight match. We offer multiple lengths of our wallpaper rolls so that you can choose the best size for your project. For best results and to maximize your wallpaper rolls, start each section with a new roll. The roll length should be slightly longer than the height of the wall. To figure out how many rolls you need, simply find the width of your wall in inches and divide that by 24. Just make sure you choose the roll length that is the closest to the height of your wall without going any shorter! 
Example: Wall size 62"W x 8'H
62 ÷ 24 = 2.583 = 3 rolls of 24" x 9 feet 


Longer lengths can be accommodated by request. Email us at  to ask about custom lengths.

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