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Die-cut Hydrangea Placemat

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Our Die-Cut Hydrangea Placemat brings larger-than-life elegance to your next table. The antique coloring makes this a timeless addition to your tablescapes, pairing well with many of our other paper products.

  • Approx. 15.6" x 15.8"
  • Pack of 12 loose paper sheets
  • Designed and printed in the USA on FSC certified, recycled content. 


A round, die-cut illustration of densely-packed vibrant green and blue hydrangea blossoms.
The Die-cut Hydrangea Placemat under an elegant table setting, from above.
Close-up of the Die-cut Hydrangea Placemat from above, showing the floral artwork in detail.
The Die-cut Hydrangea Placemat under an elegant place setting.