How To Create A Place Setting

How To Create A Place Setting

At Hester & Cook, we believe anyone can create beauty. We are often complimented on the beautiful tables that we set and we want to make it easy for you to create your own place settings, as well. While we believe that creative play is an important part of building a tablescape, we also want to provide the proper table setting guidelines for creating a classic place setting. Start with the basics and remember to layer in Hester & Cook paper tableware to complete the look!

In order to help you remember the guidelines, we have created "The 4-5 Rule" which is an easy to remember tool for creating your place settings. Use this convenient chart as a reference guide next time you are setting the table. 

Download the 4-5 Rule as a printable card here to keep on hand for your next gathering or family dinner. 

How To Create A Place Setting


Simply put, everything on the left side of the plate has four letters. So, to the left of the dinner plate, place your 4-letter items:

ROLL (Bread plate) • WIPE (Napkin) • FORK

Everything on the right side of the plate has five letters. So, to the right of the dinner plate, place your 5-letter items:


Watch as our co-founder, Angie, explains the 4-5 Rule & why she created it to help others create the perfect place setting with ease!

The 4-5 Rule from Hester & Cook on Vimeo.

Be sure to share your own table creations by tagging us @hesterandcook and using the hashtag #hctablestyle. We love seeing what you create!

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