A message from our CEO, Angie Hester Cook

Welcome to CAKE!

It goes without saying that at Hester & Cook we love setting a beautiful table, but it is so much more than that. If I try to capture the genesis of what inspired Hester & Cook, I find myself thinking of lovely meals spent with those I hold dear and special moments that have been created around the table. As a child, the ritual of gathering with my family at the end of every day to share a meal was very special to me. I would help my mother set the table, fill the glasses and help her serve dinner – many sweet memories live there. For years we have been discussing launching this blog. Creating a space where we can share things with you is very important to us and we are thrilled that it is now a reality!

CAKE • A Hester & Cook Blog

Why, you ask, did we choose the name CAKE for our new blog? First of all, who doesn’t love cake?! Some of you know, it was actually one of our very first brands. Many still refer to us as “Cake”, which we secretly love. And following our core values, we believe there is always a moment to celebrate…and what is a celebration without a little cake?

CAKE • A Hester & Cook Blog

CAKE is about attainable beauty. Whether you are bringing in pizza for a casual dinner, hosting a special celebration, or sending a handwritten sentiment to someone you love, Hester & Cook is all about making those occasions special, memorable and simple for everyone. That is exactly what we hope to share here on our blog. CAKE is a space for table inspiration, DIY’s, celebration tips, artist spotlights and so much more. 

Welcome to our table. Pull up a chair and join us!

- Angie Hester Cook

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I have been your number one fan ever since I discovered you, “Cake” ! Will be subscribing for sure…wishing you all the best Cake! WWW.aldasmagnoliahill.com

alda ellis

I’m thrilled you have begun! This speaks directly to my heart. I’ll still be sharing your beautiful products on my blog @ https://www.feetundermytable.com. I’ll be your number one cheerleader and fan!

Leslie Watkins

Excited to read your blog! Love and appreciate your style & appreciation of special family & friend celebrations big & small!

Kimberly Bean

I am looking forward to following this blog! I have been a huge fan of Hester and Cook since I moved here years ago, long enough to remember Cake Vintage. Thank you for all of the inspiration you provide to my home, especially my table!

Rachel Pierson

So happy to see that you are starting a blog. I look forward to reading your inspiring posts. I’m a long time fan of Hester and Cook products and love setting a beautiful tabletop.


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