Our peel & stick vinyl wallpaper is repositionable and removable.  The toughness and flexibility of the material allows you to reposition your wallpaper without stretching or image distortion.  It is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.  The material is mold and mildew resistant.  Minimum temperature application is 40°F.  The product is designed to work on smooth surfaces such as painted drywall, glass, smooth painted metal, or smooth finished wood.  This material is not recommended for unpainted drywall, brick, textured wallpaper or drywall, or any other textured surface.  We recommend that you test the product for its intended use to ensure suitability.  

1. Clean the application surface are using warm water only and allow it to sufficiently dry.  This product is not recommended for use with any chemical cleaner.  Do not pre-wet the surface prior to application as this will reduce the adhesive properties of the wallpaper.  

2. Remove wallpaper from the liner paper by pulling 2-4 inches away and position in top corner of your wall.  Line up edges with the ceiling or trim and adhere to surface.  

3. Using the provided squeegee or similar tool, begin pressing down the wallpaper, smoothing out air bubbles as you go from the center of the wallpaper outward.  Force the remaining air bubbles outward using the squeegee.  If needed, you can carefully pull up wallpaper and reposition it if not lined up properly.  

4. If necessary, carefully cut out areas not to be covered by the wallpaper, such as around electrical outlets.  

5. Trim away and excess paper from the roll using a box cutter or craft blade once you've completed a panel.   Line up pattern and continue across entire surface to be wallpapered.  

6. The wallpaper will remain in place until peeled off.  The product can be stored on the original liner paper for future use.