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Iris Table Card

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Three fresh blossoms intertwine on the Iris Table Card, perfect for dish labels, menus, or a springtime sentiment!

Table cards are the “write” addition to your next setting! Companions to our Table Accents, this item features a larger writing area, perfect for menus, lists, itineraries, sweet sentiments and more.

Designed and printed in the USA on FSC certified, recycled content.

Set of 12
Approx. 5.3" x 10.1"

Three Iris Table Cards arranged in a frame on a white background, perfect for menus or as dish labels.
A plate with beautiful flowers on it can be a perfect addition to your Hester & Cook Iris Table Card or menus. The colorful blossoms captivate the eye, making this dish label an attractive choice for any occasion.
A table with plates and cookies on it, adorned with Hester & Cook Iris Table Card menus and dish labels.
A Hester & Cook Iris Table Card with flowers and plates.
A Hester & Cook Iris Table Card adorned with plates and flowers.
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