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Lemon Enamel Pin

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This glossy enamel pin features a bright lemon inspired by our classic Lemons story. It’s the perfect addition to any outfit or bag and also makes a great gift.

  • Enamel pin comes with a metal military clutch closure.
  • High polish gold finish.
  • Approx. 1.5" x 1.5"
A Hester & Cook Lemon Enamel Pin adorned with leaves.
A Lemon Enamel Pin from Hester & Cook adorns the front of a stylish gray sweater.
A person proudly showcasing their Hester & Cook Lemon Enamel Pin, a vibrant accessory inspired by fresh fruits.
A vibrant Hester & Cook Lemon Enamel Pin adorned with lush leaves that embodies the freshness of citrus fruits.
A Lemon Enamel Pin with a monogram on it by Hester & Cook.
A set of Hester & Cook Lemon Enamel Pins featuring fresh fruits and a lemon design.